DJ Obscene

Stepping onto the Calgary scene as one half of the duo the Algorhythms, Tyler (Obscene) Duhaime first made his appearance as a member of the renown Rudebwoy Rendezvous collective. Immediately recognized for his charismatic personality, seamless mixes and intelligent track selection, people were consistently being thrown into a frenzy once he stepped behind the decks. Having a penchant for the latest, greatest, and most jaw dropping bass lines being put out, along with a flavor that was recognizable from outside on the street, Tyler quickly became a fan favorite in the 403 DNB scene. For this reason, it is appropriate that he is a founding father of the 403DNB Crew. Having played in the city for more than a decade, he has seen the genre through its rise and fall, and has been a major part of its revival in popularity these last two years.

Not the type to splinter Drum and Bass into sub genres, (but he can, so don't get him started) Tyler loves and plays it all, making him an ideal candidate to rock any dancefloor he is placed in front of. Obscene is a staple name in the YYC when it comes to rocking a show. As a true bass addict, his wish is to keep the dnb ball rolling and to progress its momentum furthermore. Tylers pursuits began simply as a DJ, and over the years has grown to include booking and promoting shows alongside the other members of the 403DNB family.

With the increasing following that drum and bass is procuring, Obscene will likely find himself traveling to spread the good word and vibe of his thriving bass scene. In 2013 he will be a main contributing organizer in what will be the first strictly Drum and Bass festival in Canada, the 403DNBBQ, in which will have bass enthusiasts from coast to coast hoping for it to become a reoccurring, annual event.

Tyler has shared the stage with Andy C, Friction, DJ Hype, High Contrast, Dirtyphonics Live , Camo & Krooked and Netsky along with a myriad of other AAA, world renowned artists. There is no end in sight for acts that are yet to come, and his pursuit to see Calgary become the dnb capital of Canada, if not North America. It is that dream that will help to create and sustain, easily the most flourishing bass community, that in turn, will give more than one generation of bass addicts the pleasure of being a part of.