Nathan (N8) has a humble beginning in the scene like most performers as a party goer, attending shows on a weekly basis. Raves were the popular gathering at the time so the majority of electronic music he found himself exposed to was Trance and Techno. Of all the genres of EDM that captivated Nathan most though, it was the fast pace and heavy bass of DNB. He didn't understand the timing and had no idea how to dance to it, but he was instantly hooked.

Nathan began DJ'ing as a hobby that developed at house parties with friends, it is here he turned from being a house party player, to a dance floor slayer. His highly infectious energy can turn a room of wallflowers into a head banging, arm flailing, junglist massive seemingly at any time of the night. It is his personal love for the music, and the tracks he loves most that are on exhibition when N8 is on the other side of the crowd. If however the crowd is a reflection of the track selection, then N8 is packed with good times and body moving bass lines. Nathan plays the music he loves, for the love of the music he loves. For as long as there is Drum and Bass that Nathan loves he will be quick to share that music with those who come to enjoy his sets.

As a major contributor of the 403DNB crew weekly residence (currently based at TYN Lounge in Calgary) he plans to keep rocking shows for party people and making mixes the masses can keep on constant rotation everywhere they go. N8 has shared the stage with the likes of AK1200, A-Sides, Delta Heavy (That night was crazy), Drumsound & BasslineSmith, Tantrum Desire and FX Farmer. Undoubtedly there will be many more to add to this list as the bass scene in Calgary continues to grow.

"Fact: Nathan played for just under 4 hours in the second room of the Republik night club with the patio door open. That night he literally attracted people who had never heard the genre into the building to get wild to his set. Room was packed. One of the craziest times I have ever had"

- (David Gravity) Lynes