DJ Jedi Check

Beginning his DJ career at a fresh and earnest sixteen, JediCheek (Jase Cheek) had a vested interest in electronic music by the time junior high hit. Spending his time helping raves succeed and dancing brought on a yearning to be part of the music, so he picked up his own set of turntables. By the late nineties, his speed garage sound was his signature.

As the new millennium approached, new sounds brought new interests, and JediCheek stepped back from the scene to focus on his music. With his time, he discovered his true passion for drum and bass. Researching and practising became a part of his daily routine, and after several years, he chose to get back on the stage.

After a hard year of releasing mixes that showcased his love for all types of drum and bass, JediCheek was chosen to open the 2012 festival season at Sync Fest. One festival wasn't where it stopped, however, and in August he was selected to compete in the 403DNB talent search in Calgary, Alberta. After winning the competition and becoming a new member of the supremely successful drum and bass crew, he now shares the stage with talent that includes Tantrum Desire, Spectrasoul, DC Breaks, and many, many more.

With his diverse sound, clever mixes, and in-depth selection of music that keeps your feet flowing from start to finish, JediCheek is an essential part of discovery in the drum and bass scene in Calgary.