403DNB DJs upcoming appearances
Date Event Location DJs
Oct. 28th Fright Night Night Owl - 213 10 ave SW Dieselboy, Heist,
Fever, Obscene, Logo, Mary Jane, Yontzie, Seek

All times Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Hush FM

  • Monday night:
    8 - 10 p.m.
    w/ Strange Manner and guests
  • Tuesday night:
    6 - 7 p.m.
    w/ Logo and guests


Next Rinse

This Saturday Oct. 7th

Recent updates

  • DJs Swayze amd Yontzie have been added to the crew page.


Attention junglists! As you may be aware, we are fond of running ticket giveaways and contests for our major events and this year’s #FRIGHTNIGHTXXII will be no different! So, without further ado, we present to you:


Carve us a pumpkin with one of the following themes:

    - Drum and Bass
    - Fright Night
    - Subhuman, Human, Playaz, Co-Lab, Metalheadz, Sumo Beatz or Calypso record labels
    - 403DNB

Submit photos of your creations to the email address below no later than Wednesday, October 25th. The top five entries as chosen by the crew will then posted for a public vote, and the winner will receive two tickets for this year’s event!

Share this post and help us get the word out about the contest --- Good luck and have fun!!!! 👻👻

Submit your entries to ---- PumpkinContest@403dnb.com